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With comfortable rooms, and great location your stay with us will be an experience to cherish.

“At Nidhi Resorts and Hotels, we pride ourselves on crafting unforgettable experiences for our guests. With a commitment to exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and unique destinations, we strive to create moments of joy and relaxation in every stay. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature or an urban oasis, our properties offer a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Come indulge in our hospitality and let us elevate your travel experiences to new heights.”

Our Destinations

Nidhi Cottage

Swap cityscapes for seascapes at Nidhi Resorts Chavakkad. Sun-kissed sands stretch endlessly, lulled by the rhythm of crashing waves. Your beachside haven awaits, a haven for salty breezes and sun-drenched days.

Nidhi Cottage Chettuva

Nestled in Chettuva’s emerald embrace, Nidhi Resorts sets sail. A boat-shaped haven cradles serenity, where backwaters whisper secrets to palm groves, painting dreams on sun-kissed shores.

Hotel Southfort Kochi

Discover unparalleled comfort and hospitality at Hotel Southfort Kochi. With luxurious amenities, exquisite dining options, and a prime location, your stay promises to be a memorable experience.

Nidhi Cottage Ooty

Tucked amidst emerald tea hills, Nidhi Cottage whispers promises of serenity. Sunlight dapples through pines, painting cozy fireplaces and private balconies with warmth – a haven for unwinding in nature’s embrace.

Nidhi Residency Guruvayur

Experience blissful serenity at Nidhi Residency Guruvayur. Offering tranquil accommodations, impeccable service, and convenient access to the famed Guruvayur Temple, your stay with us will be a divine retreat.

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